Galaxy Legend

Galaxy Legend 1.6.0

Conquer the galaxy in this strategic role playing game

Galaxy Legend is a strategic role playing game by tap4fun games for your Android OS smart phone or tablet. View full description

Galaxy Legend is a strategic role playing game by tap4fun games for your Android OS smart phone or tablet.

Choose one of the three distinct factions, start with a basic fleet and start to explore the galaxy! As you progress through different systems of planets, you'll discover new resources with which you can upgrade your outpost and your fleet, and you will need to upgrade.

Spare pirates, aliens and enemy outposts are all vying for the same resources and their own place in space. Expand your fleet with 100's of different ships, each with their own unique skills and strengths that you'll need to weight and measure in order to make a viable fleet able to conquer the galaxy. Search through many realistic solar entities and cosmic events like systems, quasars, black holes and more!

There are 100's of missions to play through in the exciting single player story line, but when you tire of blasting away at alien AI, enter the Player versus player arenas to test your fleet builds against the best of what other players have built. Climb the ranks and take your place at the top of the leader board as the most successful commander in the galaxy. Weekly tournament style competitions also add some different play types to this already deep game.

Galaxy Legend holds itself apart from typical hero collecting fantasy games by being futuristic in nature. Enjoy the great visuals and wonderful designs of the ships and the battles as you wage war across the galactic landscape. Collecting and upgrading ships to fill out your hanger and increase your options for building out your fleets is only part of the game.

Picking the best strategies and anticipating your opponent's moves is the real key to victory. Build your base, choose your ships and take your place as the best successful galactic commander in Galaxy Legend.

Join Millions in the #1 Space Combat Strategy Game on Android

Build your Space Base and Star Fleets. Conquer the galaxy with your friend right now?

Command your forces to galactic conquest! Galaxy Legend is a space combat strategy game that has been waiting for a leader like yourself. Compete with thousands of players in a dynamic online battlefield and pursue the ultimate prize: victory!

In the year 2841, a new chapter in the story of humanity is beginning as we expand to the furthest stars in the universe. In a sci-fi landscape of mystery, intrigue, and opportunity, you'll take the reigns as Commander of a galactic outpost vying for power. It won't be easy though, you'll need to marshal all your forces and employ a variety of strategies to repel those who wish to eradicate you. Make no mistake: the threat of Space Pirates, enemy outposts, aliens, and the unknown looms before us. Your legend is waiting to be written, Commander.


- Free to play with completely optional in-app purchases

- An addicting space-combat strategy RPG with single and multiplayer dimensions in a galactic battlefield

- Compatible with both phone and tablet devices running Android

- Cutting-edge interface, delivering stunning galactic imagery

- A wide and varied fleet, awaiting your command

- Explore an enormous galaxy packed with multiplayer options

- Utilize a wide range of tactics to overcome foes near and far

- An intense global arena of players vying for positions of power

- Transform your fleet with numerous upgrades and abilities

- A lush narrative plot waiting to be explored

Galaxy Legend


Galaxy Legend 1.6.0